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What is Bead Weaving?

necklaceMuriel Badinelli
"Got the Blues" Peyote stitch bracelet   

"Got the Blues" Peyote stitch bracelet


Bead weaving is the use of seed beads (a generic term for any small bead) that are woven on a loom or off-loom by using one or a number stitches.  The techniques for bead weaving were invented long ago by Native American women for decorative adornment.  Many of the original stitches such as peyote and Cheyenne (brick stitch) are still in use today.

Off-loom bead weaving is what I use in creating my jewelry.  Seed beads combined with pearls, crystals and Czech fire-polished beads are stitched together with thread with one or two needles to create the various textures and patterns you see in my pieces — which are inspired by nature and seasonal colors.

Recently I used a combination of bead weaving and bead embroidery to create a necklace I called “Dragonfly Dreamer.”  The focal bead inspired me because the town in which I live is well known for its large variety of dragonflies.  This piece has just been published in the June/July 2018 issue of Bead & Button magazine!

dragonfly pendant-b&b.jpg

I love the challenge of selecting beads, and coming up with a brand new piece of jewelry to wear or to share with you.

Beading is my happy place!