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Muriel BadinelliComment

This week I finished the custom necklace based on my Turquoise and Coral statement necklace.  While the turquoise is an eye-catcher, it is still on the casual side, mostly because of the colors I used.  The new necklace, however, is much more formal.  The use of freshwater pearls and soft bead colors accented with silver make this not only a statement necklace, but a WOW necklace!  Using neutral colors like this also makes the piece more versatile — it can be worn with almost any color combination.  I'll let you know how the customer likes it!!


I'm sure you can see the same thing here — the Jasper cabochon is earthy and casual, while the Black Onyx, and the addition of silver and crystals, creates a more formal look while the two bracelets are practically the same design!


Be sure to check out my website: murielbadinellidesigns.com and if you like a certain design, but aren't sure of the colors, please contact me!  We can talk and I can come up with a design you will love.

See you soon!